Service Department
Spare Parts

Aecometric has a knowledgeable service department that supports the contract sales, resales, and production group. Field service by Aecometric staff has been conducted worldwide in diverse industries; from cement and gypsum, to fuel ethanol, steel, sulphur recovery and more.

Clients and potential customers can contact the Aecometric service department regarding a wide range of requests including:

  1. Burner and system start-up support (PLC control, mechanical linkage)
  2. Combustion performance and energy audits
  3. Burner and system troubleshooting

After completion of the service trip, a full service report will be provided to you with detailed observations and recommendations. Aecometric will then continue to work with you to produce a rewarding outcome.

Wishing you safe and productive operations,

The Service Department

Phone: 905-883-9555