Aecometric’s core technology is designing of high intensity burners. The burner is designed as a mixing chamber which incorporates a perfect mix of fuel and air for the specified application. A swirling motion is induced to combustion air by the burner’s volute vanes located at the base of the combustor. The swirling air creates a vortex in the combustor, causing intense mixing of fuel and air. Fuel is provided to the burner via a centrally located gun. This intense mixing results in an efficient and complete combustion of any fuel and a very even temperature distribution within the heater. This ensures that the Aecometric burner will perform at the highest standard, with a compact flame with no impingement on the refractory, guaranteeing a longer refractory life. Aecometric High Intensity Burners have an extremely short and well-defined flame. The flame is extremely stable and will not be affected even by a 60 ft/s cross flow impinging directly on it.


Furthermore, this mix ensures that the strictest of emissions standards are met, with the highest of fuel efficiency, allowing the end-user to maximize their return with no additional cost. Aecometric High Intensity Burners have met emission requirements as low as 0.02 lb/MMBTU CO coupled with 0.045 lb/MMBTU NOx. 45 years of proven combustion technology makes the Aecometric High Intensity Burner a trusted name for many good reasons.