What We Do

Sulphur Recovery Units
Air Heaters

Aecometric Corporation has been designing custom solutions to a wide range of industrial combustion applications since 1972. Our goal for every contract is to provide equipment that:   

·         Is cost effective

·         Is extremely fuel efficient

·         Requires a minimum of operator intervention

·         Requires minimum maintenance


During the past 47 years, we have been investing steadily in research and development to address individual industrial needs. This work has resulted in Aecometric burner becoming the most up to date “tested and proven” equipment for combustion applications and processes.

The technical staff at Aecometric can design equipment to meet any international codes and standards. Some examples include: 

Sulphur Recovery Units

Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) are used in refineries, natural gas processing and coal gasification plants, to recover elemental sulphur from a sour gas stream. Aecometric equipment has provided the highest level of reliability and performance in all areas of SRU. Aecometric’s products specifically designed for SRUs include reaction furnace burners, in-line burners, reducing gas generator, incinerator burners.


Air Heaters

The Aecometric high intensity burner is used as the heat source for the air heater,hot gas generator and thermal oxidizer. The burner’s extremely short, well-defined flame allows the use of very small firing chambers with light weight fibre refractory. Fuel is provided to the burner via a centrally located gun. A swirling motion is induced in the combustion air by the burner’s volute vanes located at the base of the combustor. The swirling air creates a recirculating vortex in the combustor which causes intense mixing of fuel and air. This intense mixing ensures efficient and complete combustion of any fuel including gas, oil and Solid powder (pulverized coal, petroleum coke,  saw powder, Rice Hull and so on).