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Integrate the combustion equipment including the reaction furnace burner, reaction furnace, waste heat boiler and feed supplied system together with necessary instrumentation and control components. With the assistant from advanced ICCT, maximization of efficiency and emission mitigation is achieved dynamically to improve sulphur plant process and performance. The smart functions from ICCT accurately optimizes the SRU by applying the real time digital feed signals from the gas compositions and feedback signals from the flue gas.

High Intensity Combustion

• Extremely short and well-defined flame

• Extremely stable flame not affected by any cross flow

• Well mixing of fuel and combustion air

• Maximize cost return with no additional cost

• Low emission 0.02 lb/MMBTU for CO coupled with 0.045 lb/MMBTU for NOx or even lower

Biomass Combustion


• Firing of BIOMASS dust up to 100% while performing like a Natural Gas burner

• Pulverized Wood, Rice Husk, Sludge, Grasses, Manures, Gasification Ash, etc…

• Sizes from 2 to > 400 MMbtu/hr

• Burner is capable of firing various types of Biomass, use what is currently available and affordable

• Multi-fuel firing capability (solid, liquid, gas)

• Capable of meeting the strictest of environmental standards, extremely low CO & NOx with zero char.

• Efficiency, Stability, & Controllability of a Natural Gas burner

• Compact design that is much smaller and more affordable that other technologies

• Results in much smaller downstream equipment (boilers, ducting, cyclones, fans, etc…)

• Many applications (boilers, dryers, furnaces)

• Retrofits & New Installations

• Proven burner design. Equipment in operation globally for 35+ years

Hydrogen Combustion

• 100% Hydrogen Combustion and mixture of hydrogen and natural gas

CFD Analysis

• Combustion simulation for high intensity burner

• Acoustic & Vibration analysis for reaction furnace

Animation For Combustion Associated With Temperature Distribution
Animation For Combustion Associated With Sulphur Recovery
Animation For Combustion Associated With Ammonia Destruction
Animation For Acoustic & Vibration Analysis